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Cortaflex Supplements
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For You and Me

Cortaflex product group

Modern life, with all of its conveniences, still has its own stresses and strains. Do you think about how these stresses and strains affect your joints?

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Human Cortaflex £29.99 (Free UK Delivery) BUY NOW. Phone for discounts on multiple purchases

Wear and tear is not just a result of ageing. Simple, everyday activities like walking, gardening, lifting weights, and even typing or sitting for long periods of time can be hard on your joints !

Cortaflex is a dietary joint supplement for people of all ages and walks of life - a safe, natural approach for healthy joints.

Now available Cortaflex Capsules with Hyaluronic Acid
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For Your Favourite Pet

Canine & Feline Cortaflex product group

As dogs and cats age their joints will undoubtedly experience wear and tear. To keep their joints as healthy and supple as possible over the long term, feed Canine & Feline Cortaflex daily.
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Cortaflex Crumbles - Buy NowNEW Canine and Feline Cortaflex HA ULTIMATE STRENGTH Crumbles £44.50

Wear and tear can be exaggerated by breed conformation and growth spurts. Feed young animals, especially those breeds with associated weakness, Canine & Feline Cortaflex as part of their daily routine to support healthy joints for life.

Cortaflex nutritionally supports the health of every joint in the body, providing nutrients for lubrication and flexibility and improving all-over performance.
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Cortaflex for Horses

Equine Cortaflex product group

Constant pounding on artificial, hard or heavy ground is very demanding on joints - even hacking can cause abnormal wear and tear. Feeding a proven joint supplement can help to redress the balance and support healthy joint function.

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For telephone orders, please ring 01403 240634

Cortaflex - the world’s number 1 over-the-counter equine joint supplement, now contains Hyaluronic Acid.
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A range of equine products from Equine America are also available. These are produced using high quality ingredients and comply with the regulations administered by the UK Veterinary Medicines Directorate and the Food Standards Agency.

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