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Cortaflex Supplements
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Jointcare Supplements

For a horse to be healthy and happy it must be able to move comfortably. Joint health can have a huge impact on the quality of life for a horse. We specialise in a range of products designed and formulated to improve joint health and comfort. Our joint care products include supplements rich in natural products and cutting edge ingredients.


Hoof Care Supplements

All horse owners are aware of how critical healthy hooves are when it comes to competition, general riding and every kind of horse. Whether you are looking for hoof balm, hoof powder or laminae care we have you and your horse covered. Our highly effective Lamigard pellets are also very popular for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.


Digestive Supplements

Digestive problems in horses are very common. We have a fantastic range of equine digestive supplements to help keep your horses healthy and to mitigate, avoid or improve digestive complaints. Our popular Sand Out Pellets are perfect for horses grazing in sandy areas but we also have our general equine gastric health supplement ULS - Gard.


Respiratory Supplements

Respiratory supplements for horses may be needed for transport related stress or intense training.They may be necessary only for short periods or as a routine dietary supplement.  Our high-quality range of equine breathing products include support for lungs and blood vessels using Bleader Gard or Coff-Less for respiratory support. We also stock Pollen Eze and Airways to help ease breathing.


Muscle Care Supplements

Healthy muscles are critical for any horse involved in competition but also for a horse or pony in a less active role. We have products to improve musclegain and mass for your horse with our More Muscle Pellets or to support healthy muscle function with Tye Gard or Vitamin E & Selenium.


Vitamins and Minerals

Domestic horses consume a less diverse diet compared to their wild ancestors which can have a detrimental impact upon their health and wellbeing. It is vital that they consume a variety of micronutrients to combat dietary deficiencies to encourage a long and healthy life. We stock a variety of vitamins, minerals and blood tonics to support good health.


Calming and Behaviour Supplements

We stock a range of tried and tested horse calming supplements  Our range includes Shaker Gard for relief from head shaking, No More Moods for hormone issues in Mares and our very popular Super So Kalm powder, solution and paste. If you would like to discuss any of our equine calming products please get in touch.


Competition Supplements

We have a wide range of Equine Performance Supplements to prepare for competition or to just improve their day to day health. These products can help provide the energy needed for competition and aid the very best performance. Our equine performance products include Buteless products, Cortaflex, Liver Flush, calming supplements and cooling gels for tired joints and tendons.


Joint Health

Cortaflex - the number one joint supplement.

Wellbeing Supplements

Equine wellbeing supplements are a great way of providing all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Our range is designed to be used year-round, but particularly useful in the spring when nutrients may be lacking after winter. Look at our Kidney Flush Tonic to support kidney health or our Pro Gut Balancer – a combination of pre and probiotics for a healthy gut.