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Cortaflex Supplements
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No More Moods Solution (1 litre)


Hormone Imbalances In Mares

  • Perfect for temperamental mares - supportive of the oestrus cycle
  • High dose chastetree extract 5,000mg
  • Supported with Magnesium and Vitamin B1
Price: £46.50
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Shaker Gard Powder (1.5kg)


Head Shaking Can Become A Thing Of The Past

  • The Complete Formula for Head Shaking
  • Provides Seasonal, Nerve, Respiratory and Immune Support
  • Combats Key Triggers; Sunlight, Pollen, Wind and Dust


Price: £59.99
Out of Stock

So-Kalm Solution (1 litre)


To Support Concentration And Focus

  • SUPPORT YOUR HORSE’S HEALTH – Horses can be prone to excitability and nervousness in unfamiliar surroundings. Our Super So Kalm Powder helps to settle stressed horses when competing or even at home
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – So Kalm Solution provides three key micronutrients that help the horse to maintain a calm outlook and concentrate on their work. Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin B1 work together to tackle the effects of everyday stresses on your horse
  • ESSENTIAL FOR CALMING BEHAVIOUR – The 3 key ingredients are specially formulated to reduce stress in a multipronged approach. The Magnesium soothes neuro-muscular excitability, Calcium strengthens nerve function, and Vitamin B1 maintains energy levels
  • FEED DIRECTIONS – For 500kg horse; 30ml per day. Maximum; 60ml per day. 

Available in 1 Ltr (one month’s supply average horse) also in a 30ml paste.


Price: £35.50
Out of Stock

Super So-Kalm Paste - 30ml (3x 10ml servings)


Paste To Support Concentration and Focus
Super So-Kalm Paste is a concentrated form for more rapid support.
Administer a minimum of 10ml 2 hours prior to event before the adrenaline is pumping, (better to use a little more than not enough).
Also available in 1kg powder for daily use.
Size: 30ml - 3 x 10ml serving
Price: £22.50
Out of Stock

Super So-Kalm Powder (1kg)


To Support Concentration And Focus


Price: £34.99
Out of Stock

Uls-gard Pellets (10kg)


For Total Gastric Health

  • Advanced and effective pelleted formulation to help maintain digestive health and comfort.
  • Contains key ingredients to help soothe the stomach lining, including pectins, lecithin, aloe vera, marshmallow root, glycine, liquorice.
  • Slow-release calcium and magnesium from marine algae, to help maintain a healthy gut pH. Beta glucans from high nucleotide yeast to support gastric content viscosity and soothe the stomach wall.
  • On a palatable alfalfa and soya hulls base, to provide a protective fibrous mat and provide additional buffering.
  • BETA NOPS and UFAS accredited, ensuring our products do not contain prohibited substances and are suitable for horses competing under FEI regulations and the Rules of Racing.


Price: £146.99
Out of Stock

Ventilator Powder (500gm)


For Healthy Respiration - Naturally


Price: £28.50
Out of Stock

Xtra Boost Hemogen Solution (1 litre)


The Ultimate Blood Tonic


A complementary feed supplement to support healthy blood production for horses in hard work, as part of a balanced diet.

Blood transports oxygen and nutrients around the body - the more blood cells, the more oxygen and nutrients are available to the muscles and tissues, enabling the horse to work harder and for longer. Hemogen contains a specialist and highly absorbable form of Iron, essential in the production of red blood cells, supported by B vitamins and accompanied by active water soluble vitamins and minerals to maximise energy and stamina.

Feed daily at maintenance level for horses in training or competition, and increase this for five days leading up to a race or event. Hemogen can also be used to support the anaemic horse, followed on by Pro-Pell Plus.

Price: £40.99
Out of Stock

Xtra Boost Paste - 30ml (3 day course)


Super So-Kalm® Paste is a concentrated form for more rapid support. Administer a minimum of 10ml 2 hours prior to event before the adrenalin is pumping, (better to use more than not enough).

Price: £15.50
Out of Stock

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