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Cortaflex Supplements
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Emune Solution (1 litre)


Support The Immune System At Times Of Stress

  • Powerful support for the immune system following respiratory, digestive or other challenges
  • Includes Echinacea, Astragalus, Yeast Nucleotides,  Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Blueberries and Turmeric
  • Provides nutritional support for healthy white blood cell production, and for the gut-based immune system

Key Ingredients per Serving (30ml)

Vitamin C 1000mg Echinacea Extract 210mg
Vitamin E 150mg Astragalus 210mg
Blueberry Extract 10mg Nucleotides 2000mg
Turmeric 30mg  


Price: £29.99
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Herbolic Solution (1 litre)


Appetite and attitude booster.

Price: £69.00
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Kidney Flush (1 litre)


Kidney Flush is used to encourage a healthy balance of fluid within the body and promote healthy kidney function. This can be used on a weekly basis to naturally balance water levels within the body or prior to competition to reduce weight. Products such as this should be used with caution, and not used on pregnant mares or as a daily supplement unless recommended by a veterinary surgeon. Kidney Flush can be administered by syringe or added to the feed.

Price: £23.99
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Xtra Boost Hemogen Solution (1 litre)


The Ultimate Blood Tonic


A complementary feed supplement to support healthy blood production for horses in hard work, as part of a balanced diet.

Blood transports oxygen and nutrients around the body - the more blood cells, the more oxygen and nutrients are available to the muscles and tissues, enabling the horse to work harder and for longer. Hemogen contains a specialist and highly absorbable form of Iron, essential in the production of red blood cells, supported by B vitamins and accompanied by active water soluble vitamins and minerals to maximise energy and stamina.

Feed daily at maintenance level for horses in training or competition, and increase this for five days leading up to a race or event. Hemogen can also be used to support the anaemic horse, followed on by Pro-Pell Plus.

Price: £36.50
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Xtra Boost Paste - 30ml (3 day course)


Super So-Kalm® Paste is a concentrated form for more rapid support. Administer a minimum of 10ml 2 hours prior to event before the adrenalin is pumping, (better to use more than not enough).

Price: £13.99
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