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Human Cortaflex Ultra® - 60 Capsules


Scientifically formulated using only the best and most innovative ingredients, Cortaflex Ultra® helps support the health of every joint in your body against life’s daily stresses and strains and improves the feeling of mobility in your joints.


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Human Vegan Protected Cortaflex® - 60 Capsules


100% Vegan Alternative To Our Bestselling Cortaflex®

Veganism is on the rise. We want to support your ethical views and nutritional needs and that’s why we’ve introduced Protected Cortaflex® Ultra Vegan. Ninety nine percent of joint supplements contain glucosamine sulphate 2KCL which is typically derived from shellfish.  Thankfully there is now an alternative, with a cleverly sourced a vegan suitable glucosamine, derived from a corn fermentation process.

We have included 800mg of this novel glucosamine for joint function which contributes to the synthesis of essential glucosaminoglycans (GAGs) and cartilage formation. Furthermore, we use a top grade of boswellia serrata extract standardised to an impressive 65% boswellic acids. These are the key actives that contribute to a reduction in pain and inflammation. Antioxidants are also key to any premium joint formula and vitamin C has been added as an essential cofactor for collagen formation.

To maximise absorption we’ve included gold standard BioPerine® - The world’s most clinically researched black pepper extract, proven to enhance absorption at the gut. To take this one step further, we use DR Caps® - acid resistant capsule shells which protect actives from the stomach’s low pH, dissolving at exactly the right time and delivering actives to the gut biologically unchanged.

Daily Serving Size: 2 capsules Servings per Container: 30 days


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